Mission and values

We create payment solutions that save people valuable time every day.


We share with all the knowledge and skills acquired - this is what creates a strong team that pursues common goals. Acting as only one working organism with a proper commitment and level of work of each employee, we will succeed and make our sacrifice worth it. We feel it every time fulfilling our mission and our main goals.



By doing any activity for Tpay - writing detailed instructions, creating expressive marketing content, talking to customers or preparing for meetings with them - we answer one question - would a world-class professional do this? If not, we improve our creativity and correct our approach to the topic - so that what we do is best for you and your safety.


It's something that everyone in our company has in their blood. Automation nowadays is not just a standard - but making your work easier and more enjoyable. Reasonable selection of tools not only help to organize work and accelerate it, it can also contribute to expand competences! If you know how to optimize your actions - do it.



Gain knowledge to be as independent as possible, ask your colleagues not to do something for you, but to teach you how to do things by yourself - one day you will share your knowledge with him. Mutual expansion of your competences is an interesting cooperation, after all, there's no such thing as too much knowledge!


**T** ransparency **P** rofessionalism **A** utonomous Pa **Y** ment automation