Payment security

Tpay guarantees the highest security level for your payments. We are a certified payment processor.

Encrypted connection

Tpay transfer all data via encrypted TLS connection secured by an Extended Validation certificate. The security matters to us and TLS is what guarantees the highest level of security and trust. The certificate was issued by the renowned company Unizeto Technologies S.A.


PCI DSS Level 1 certification

Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. (joint stock company) has a PCI DSS certificate since 2012. It is the highest possible level: Level 1 for Service Providers. This certificate is a confirmation of meeting the strict standards in order to deliver card payments, required by VISA and MasterCard payment institutions.

Tpay as the National Payment Authority

Status of the National Payment Institution

Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. has the status of the National Payment Authority and is subject to the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The status of the National Payment Institution is a confirmation of providing the highest quality of services along with the highest security standards by Tpay. Obtaining the status is connected with meeting strict requirements and is a guarantee of satisfaction from every payment transactions.

Tpay as the National Payment Authority

Annual audits

National Payment Integrator as a joint-stock company undergoues a strict audit every year. It is examination process performed by an independent certified auditor who controls all accounting and financial documents of the company. Auditor thoroughly analyze the documentation to confirm that the Company's account books are kept in accordance with the applicable provisions for Joint Stock Companies. All statements for the previous years have been examined and submitted by the Company in a statutory time to the National Court Register.

Personal data security

Tpay puts huge stress on maintaining privacy of its clients. Krajowy Integrator Płatności Spółka Akcyjna (Tpay), as the data processor, takes care of the security of all provided data. These data are particularly protected and secured against unauthorized access. Tpay has written down the appropriate policy and procedures concerning the sotrage security and access to personal data in accordance with the requirements of Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.


Protection of accumulated funds

The security of deposits and funds collected by Tpay payment services is a key issue in our system. All payments transfered to Tpay accounts are assigned to the relevant Recipients. After collecting the appropriate amount of funds, the payments are transferred to the recipient's bank account. The account to which the payments are transferred is permanent and for security reasons it can not be changed in the account settings.

Electronic Payment Confirmation

After receiving and booking the payment, Tpay generates a confirmation of payment receipt, a so-called Electronic Payment Confirmation sent to the email address of the seller and the buyer. As a result, the Recipient is notified about new income so he may order a transfer to his bank account. Furthermore, he can start order fulfillment and send the goods to customer although he has no funds physically on his bank account.


Bank account number verification

If you have changed the bank account number as the Recipient, you must re-activate the new account, as it was the first time. The Tpay Safety Department verifies new bank accounts each time by authorized persons. If there are any differences between the sender of the activation payment and the owner of the Recipient's Account at Tpay, our experts will clarify the situation.

Top quality guaranteed

Krajowy Integrator Płatności SA was awarded in the largest quality competition in Poland - Top Quality Quality International in the QI SERVICES category. The award was granted to the Tpay system - providing comprehensive, highest level support for online payments.