Payment automation in tpay.com

Improve purchasing process in your store and offer your customers instant order execution

How to automate payments in tpay.com?

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Automate bank transfers

As soon as customer makes the payment, you will receive proper notification. You don’t have to waste time and resources to manually check if the payment has been made. With tpay.com you can save time and money and better reach your customers.

Automated mass payouts

Mass payouts allow you to commit large number of payouts simultaneously. You just need you upload proper CSV file in Merchant’s Panel to commit up to 500 payouts.

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Zwroty transakcji w panelu odbiorcy

Refunds in Merchant’s Panel

If you want to make a refund for your Customer you just need to use tool available in Merchant’s Panel. You no longer have to waste time and money for engaging in complicated procedures. tpay.com also provides feature of automated refunds which is highly applicative for selling some services and products such as tickets for events and gigs. With automated refunds, Customers receive refunds automatically if the product or service is no longer available.

Instantaneous order execution

Thanks to full order processing automation you can execute your Customers orders instantaneously after the payment has been made. Fast shipping is extremely important for many Customers and it can decide whether they will choose your shop.

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