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WooCommerce on-site integration

What is Bagdrip?

Bagdrip is a speciality coffee placed in a special filter designed to brew the best quality coffee wherever and whenever you want. All you need is a Bagdrip, a mug and 185 ml of hot water. It is a mix of the highest quality grains from various parts of the world. Bagdrip is the second brand founded by the Bike Cafe founder - the first bike cafe network in Poland. Aesthetic, mobile Bike Cafe cafes are decorated with their design by many Polish cities. Bike Cafe is also one of the places where you can buy Bagdrip specialties. With the exception of the Bike Cafe and several other cafes, Bagdrip is unavailable in other cafes or retail stores.


Bagdrip business model is based on online sales.

To buy a product, just go to the website, choose your favorite coffee and pay via Tpay quick payment. WooCommerce payment integration with tiled banks without rerouting is a popular form of implementation, enabling the customer to make quick and secure payments. After selecting the product and adding it to the basket, the customer is redirected to the payment gateway where he can choose from most payment methods available on the market. Finally, the implementation of payments from Tpay on the website is a pure benefit to the user because it offers peyment methods that people know and trust. The intuitive Tpay payment gateway exposes popular banks and payment technologies so the user always finds the method he uses the most. It is extremely important to provide users with flexible solutions of purchase.

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