Implementation of online payments in Caritas app


Caritas mobile app with Tpay payment gateway

Caritas is a Catholic charity available all over the world, including Poland. The Polish Episcopate Conference is in charge of the Polish branch of Caritas. Caritas Catholica was founded in 1926 - it has significantly evolved over the years and today it is not only one of the largest charities but also due to the new mobile app, it will be considered one of the most modern charities ever made. In Poland, Caritas Polska was reactivated in 1990 and since then it has been rapidly developing. Speaking of modern, we mean the mobile app of Caritas Polska, thanks to which you can help your charity anywhere and anytime. All you need is a smartphone and some good will.

Quick and cashless help via Caritas app is easier than ever thanks to cooperation between Caritas Polska and Tpay. The mobile app is free to download for Android and iOS systems in Google Play and AppStore store.

As Tpay, we are very proud that we can cooperate with such valuable projects. Support Caritas with the mobile app!

How to use the app?

It's simple! After downloading the mobile app, select the charity project and the amount of funds to conveniently pay via Tpay online gateway. Isn't it simple? We are proud to support such valuable projects and we encourage you to support it as well!

Tpay online payments for Caritas mobile app introduced a quick and efficient support for specific charity projects. Now, users can use their favorite payment methods. The easiest and popular payment method will encourage people to help and support charity activities.


Why did Caritas decided to use Tpay?

Read for yourself: "We have been looking for a goood and sefe payment performance. Tpay turns out to be a good choice. The advantageous terms of cooperation and partnership approach to all of our projects has translated into a fruitful cooperation. Looking to the future, where we develop solutions based on BLIK One Click and recurrent card payments, we are confident about the scalability, security and modernity of the platform offered by KIP."