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Automated card payments

What is car-sharing?

Traficar is a new way of getting around the city! It's a modern fleet of cars to rent for minutes. Traficar is one of the leading and at the same time the first Polish brand offering car-sharing services.

What is car-sharing? It is a popular form of car sharing in the western of Europe. Traficar has recently reached a records of popularity in Poland.

The whole idea of Traficar is based on a simple principle: the company provides customers with specially marked cars parked in various parts of the city. The car can be booked and picked up at the parking or found parked on the street. The cost of renting always consists of two basic elements: the time of using the car and the traveled distance. The driver does not have to pay for fuel from his own pocket - this is included in the rental price.


How to use Traficar?

Just download the mobile app and set up an account. Start using the car-sharing services and drive all the cars in the area. All available vehicles are marked on the map in the app. Book one of them and go drive it around the city. You immediately see Traficar cars near you, the exact address, car side number, approximate time of arrival and route to reach the car. You have 15 minutes to reach the car. When you are there, all you have to do is to check the side number of the car and scan the QR code to unclock the door.

You do not have to worry about the technical condition of vehicles - Traficar fleet is based on modern, economical city cars which are a pure pleasure. Optimal dimensions of cars facilitate parking in urban space, and the most modern engines allow to drive dynamically and maintain low combustion and CO2 emissions. In total, Traficar is available in as many as 20 Polish cities.

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Tpay services

You do not have to worry about the app payment - this is what Tpay cares for. Thanks to the implementation of quick payments, the app gets the required amount. All you need to do is register a valid payment card with the Visa or MasterCard logo on it. Charging is automatic and is performed after each rental. Of course, you have to have necessary amount of money on your account and a valid card for a minimum of 31 days. Payments implemented in the Traficar mobile application are based on a recursive account load, so you do not have to worry about payments - they are charged from your account automatically. This is very convenient and meets the expectations of current lifestyle trends. Uberization of services (no need to make payments). This means that payments made by Tpay in the Traficar app are simple and almost unnoticeable.

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