Online installments

Reach new customer and boost sales. Online installments are a chance for more orders and growth of basket value. Make your customers satisfied.


What are online installments?

Online installments are a complete solution to reach customers and increase sales in your online store. Why? Installments allow your clients to make purchases in a simple installment system - without additional contracts and costs. One of the most popular ónline payment methods that translates to greater basket value. Launch profitalbe fintech features on your website with Tpay.

Enable online installments in your store

€70 - €2200

Online installments are available for basket values from €70 to €2200. Let your customers buy more from your online store.

8% + 8%

No hidden costs. The interest rate is fixed and is only 8% + 8% commission.

3 to 36 months

The repayment period is from 3 to 36 months. Flexibility allows you to adjust the repayment terms to your needs.

Online installments benefits

Sales growth
Online installments increase sales of every online store of any branch. Customers aren't limited to their current balance.
Bigger basket value
Installments let users to choose more valuable products and boost the total purchase value which translates directly into your profits.
New customers
Reach new customers and sell more goods or services. Online installments is the way people choose to pay with more and more.
An extra payment method
Improve customer experience with greater payment methods. Maintain a perfect payment gateway with extra feature people can choose from.

How to turn on Online Installments?

Enable installment purchase system in your online shop wtihout any changes to the software or payment system . Installments in Tpay are one of the automatically available payment channels in the payment gateway. Customers can calculate the installment amount based on the price of all goods in the shopping basket. The installment calculator depicts the installments period and amount even before making the purchase. Set up the calculator on your website with a ready-made code.

Zobacz panel demo Tpay

Installment calculator

Installment calculator

Tpay provides an online installment calculator to calculate the amount of the installment before making a purchase. Each payee can place the installment calculator on his website. Just copy the code below. <iframe src="" mce_src="" width="680" height="531" frameborder="0"> </iframe>


Yes, Alior Bank pays to the entire amount of ordered goods to the Payment Recipients account. The payment recipient does not have to do anything.
The credit decision is made within 15 minutes. If the decision is positive, the money is transferred immediately to the Payment Recipient account, if not - the transaction is cancelled.
Yes, it is possible to make such extension. To do this, follow the provided technical documentation.
Of course. Tpay provides the source code to download and paste on your website. Let your customers calculate the installment amount themselves.