Mass payments

Perform up to 500 withdrawals at the same time with mass paymnets feature.


Up to 500 withdrawals at a time

Accept payments and order outgoing payments with a simple payment system provided by Tpay. Top notch feature lets you order up to 500 money transfers simultaneously. All you need to do is to upload the CSV file with transfer details entered into the appropriate columns according to the pattern provided in the Payment Recipient Dashboard.

Panel Odbiorcy Płatności Tpay

Mass payments benefits

Up to 500 payments at a time

Tpay payment system has developed a Mass Payments API. Use this simple API to automate funds distribution (without POP) to up to 500 contractors, thanks to which you can optimize the settlement process in the company or online store.

Fast & simple

Simple, fast and intuitive mass transfers thanks to which you save your precious time! Mass payment process is so simple that absolutely everyone will manage it.

No need to use the marketplace feature

You do not have to implement the extensive integration of marketplace feature - all you need is a simple CSV file import, so you have more time for what's really important in your life.

How to enable mass payments feature?

In order to use the mass payments feature, all you need is a proper CSV file and a required balance. In order to enable mass payments, log in to the Customer's dashboard and contact [Tpay Customer Service Office](/contact). Please note that the service charges an additional fee in accordance with the regulations.