You need a new phone or laptop but you don't have enaugh cash at the moment? Consider online installments and try to estimate if there are a good way to pay for the goods you want to buy. Online installment are an increasingly popular form of shopping that are beneficial for enterprises and individuals as well. It gives you the opportunity to buy a product that you currently need while you don't have enough money. Here are some facts on why you should use onine instalments.

1. Lack of money.

If you plan your budget on a monthly basis and make a list of expenses every month but you know that sometimes there are so-called unexpected expenses. We mean, for example, a broken device or a car repair which exceeds the amount of funds on our account. In such a situations, the purchase via online installments seems to be a very helpful solution. Instead of spending €500 on a new phone, you can spread the payment into 10 installments and pay €50 each month to the bank (plus the interest rate).

2. Benefit a sudden sale.

Stationary and online stores are increasingly willing to organize various types of promotions. The reason for price reduction may be caused by seasonal opportunities e.g. Christmas holiday as well as special days of the year, such as Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Black Firday. Prices are lower by as much as several dozen percent and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity, in particular, if our current items are heavily used and sooner or later we plan to buy new ones. This is when we can buy not only a new TV or fridge but a lot of different goods. Installments let us buy anything at all.

3. 0% percent installments.

When choosing a specific sale offer with online installments, first of all the amount of the monthly installment and the interest rate is taken into account. The exception to this rule are zero percent installments where no additional interest rates or commissions are included. This means that if the cost of a laptop is €2,000, when separating the payments into 10 interest-free installments, each of them will equal €200. No additional costs at all.

4. Comfortable, fast and secure.

Formalities usually takes a lot of time. Standing in the queue at the bank, access to the facility, waiting for a decision ... Fortunately, today we have the opportunity to take advantage of online payments. The whole process takes place electronically, without leaving your home. Just buy an item, choose online installment as a payment method, fill out the form and wait for the transaction to be completed. Of course, the loan is granted by the bank, not by a payday loan.

5. Do not reject luxury for yourself.

Products of brands such as Apple, Louis Vuitton or Gucci, are considered high-end products, their prices too. Thanks to online installment as a payment method more and more luxury products are available to customers. This means that with monthly income of €3000 gross, one do not have to give up on luxury items.

6. Positive credit history.

As it turns out, having a positive credit history through buying goods with online installments is important as well. If we're looking forward to apply for a loan to buy an apartment or a house, a positive credit history is a must. Whether we get financial support from a bank depends on the liabilities we currently pay. By paying loans every month, we become a trustworthy partner for the bank.

Installments have become very popular nowadays. Sellers are increasingly using different types of promotions to increase interest in this payment method. Before buying it in the online store, it is worth checking whether it offers purchases via online installments and find out the terms. Online stores integrated with Tpay payment have the online installments available to all of their customers.

7. Online installments 24/7.

Pay with online installments 24/7 which will certainly please many weekend shopping enthusiasts. Online stores are excluded from the Sunday trading ban.