Customers who choose to pay on delivery can pay with BLIK payment method when picking up the parcel from an InPost courier. This is the next stage of cooperation between Polish Payment Standard and InPost and Tpay payment processor. Despite the development of various online payment methods, many of us still decide to pay on delivery. However, we do not always have enough cash with us. BLIK payment method available with all InPost couriers makes it no longer a problem! Simple mobile app of a given bank will make you pay on delivery with BLIK method. Accepting BLIK payments by InPost couriers has been implemented directly to their MobiCourier app provided by in cooperation with Tpay, for Zebra Technologies mobile devices. At the time of delivery, the PoD payment option enables customers to use BLIK payment method where the courier enters the BLIK code provided by the customer and waits for payment confirmation in his banking mobile app. The entire transaction takes literally a few seconds and is extremely simple, fast and secure. BLIK is an increasingly popular way of payment, especially in e-commerce. This is a faster method than an online transfer, which additionally guarantees us the security of transactions. We have already seen that BLIK works perfectly in the world of e-commerce, as evidenced by the ever-increasing online payment statistics. As Tpay, we are constantly looking for new areas where BLIK will make payments easier. Cooperation with Polish Payment Standard and InPost in the implementation of BLIK payments method to InPost couriers is an excellent example of business opportunities. I am glad that payment solutions fit perfectly into the expectations of demanding business partners. Now our customers save a lot of their time. I am not afraid to say that from today, millions of people have been given the opportunity to take advantage of a convenient and safe form of non-cash payment, which is a great convenience in making online purchases. — comments Paweł Działak, President of the Board of National Integrator Payments S.A. — the owner of the Tpay.