Certainly you have already noticed the visual change that took place in Tpay on April 17. The first key change wast the name shortening - from now we are no longer Tpay.com but simply Tpay. Although our mission is to save today's priceless time, we are expanding it with a new claim, Tpay - Trusted Payments. The change concerns both the naming and the entire visual identity. However, the new look is not everything! Our main goal is to save time and make life easier for our users and business partners - we have decided to simplify the payment gateway so that it becomes extremely intuitive. Brand new payment gateway makes it easier to customers to pick their favorite payment method and from now on there are 4 intuitive sections: BLIK, Money Transfer, Credit Cards and Electronic Wallets. Starting with such a simple division makes it much easier to find the desired payment method from over 300 methods that we provide. Another new feature is facilitation mobile purchases to customers who prefer card payments. The card scanning feature definitely shortens the purchase time. We have also changed the view of our Fastpass mobile app - the first mobile terminal to accept BLIK payments. The new, transparent graphic design will additionally facilitate transactions made via Fastpass. We hope that the changes will please our clients and their payers, which will save them valuable time.