Tpay's main mission is to provide modern and secure online payments solutions. For us, security goes hand in hand with development of data encryption technology, therefore, on January 29, 2019, we had begun the process of disabling TLS protocols in versions prior to 1.2 for the entire Tpay domain. The total shutdown will occur on February 4, 2019. The change applies only to users using systems prior to Android 5.0 and Internet Explorer 11. What does this mean? Access to web browser services may be limited only for very outdated computers that have not been updated for years. The current list of browser versions and the TLS protocols supported by them can be found in this article:

The most popular web browsers have the current version available as shown in the instructions:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer https: //
How to check your website security standards? Try and
Additional information about TLS 1.2 supported by libraries and programming languages:
Java: tls-and-java /
.NET: and-net-support /

If your browser does not support TLS 1.2, please update it or use another one. Another change has met the integration of payment automation services through API. If you use the ready-made online store module from Tpay, there is no need to make any changes. If you are using non-standard solutions, please check whether CURL verifies the Tpay domain certificate and whether this verification will work after the change.