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How to book payments processed by tpay.com?
All payments and payouts processed by tpay.com system should be booked as standard bank transfers.

tpay.com Reports

tpay.com allows you to generate and download complete report containing all transactions, refunds, charges and commissions.

In order to download complete report you just need to log in to Merchant Panel, choose settlements tab and download report for any time period.

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Payout reports

tpay.com provides the feature to generate reports containing only payout data.

In order to receive such report, contact us through contact form and provide required data.

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How do we issue invoices?

The first invoice for 10 PLN gross activation fee is issues immediately after tpay.com account activation.

Next invoices are issued monthly. You can download them in Merchant Panel.

We can also send you invoices via post.

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When should I issue the invoice for accepted payment?

It’s best to issue it automatically after receiving notification from tpay.com after correct payment booking.

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