Integrated card payment gate
Provide credit card payment directly within your website.

Credit card payment in tpay.com

In order to make fast credit card payment you just need to make an order in any internet store and choose credit card payment option in tpay.com transaction panel. tpay.com Integrated Gate will appear within your website, part of data is automatically filled in. You just need to fill in remaining fields and confirm transaction. Gate provides feature to remember credit card number and purchase later with 1 click only. Credit card payment process takes only several seconds ensuring the maximal level of security.

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With tpay.com you can easily start accepting payments. Integrated card payment gate will allow Customers to pay directly within your website,

tpay.com Recurring payments

 Płatności cykliczne

tpay.com provides the feature to remember credit card numbers which allows Merchants to accept recurring payments. It also allows Customer to purchase with 1-click, the whole process taking less than few seconds.

Recurring payment are great solution for businesses selling subscriptions and other kinds of cyclic payments. With provided API you can freely set terms and charges.

Recurring payments are charged exactly the same as standard credit card payments.

Płatności kartami z Elavon

How to activate recurring payments?

In order to accept recurring payments and allow 1-click purchases you need to activate credit card payment channel in Merchant Panel.

Contact Sales department to obtain the API, technical documentation and other necessary documents.

Learn how to accept credit card payments

Frequently asked questions

Kto może udostępnić Zintegrowaną Bramkę?

Who can provide Integrated Gate?

Integrated card payment gate is available for all tpay.com Merchants accepting credit card payments. After Elavon verification process, Merchant can obtain API and technical documentation needed for Integrated Gate implementation. You just need to contact our Sales Department.

Learn how to accept credit card payments

Integrated Gate is free of charge?

Yes it is! You don’t have to pay any additional fee for using Integrated Gate. The only charge is standard Elavon charge for accepting credit cards.

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Czy korzystanie z Bramki jest darmowe?
Jak długo trwa uruchomienie Bramki?

How long does it take to implement the Gate?

tpay.com provides the API and technical documentation allowing for unassisted Integrated Gate implementation. Data in the technical documentation allows successful Gate implementation in even 1 day. Our IT Department will provide technical assistance if necessary.

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