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What is Tpay?

Tpay to zaufany operator płatności dla Twojegon e-commerce! Jesteśmy produktem Krajowego Integratora Płatności S.A., co gwarantuje Ci bezpieczeństwo transakcji. Jako pierwsi w Polsce i jedni z pierwszych w Europie wdrożyliśmy Visa Checkout, BLIK OneClick i Google Pay. Blisko 300 metod płatności, które oferujemy ułatwia pracę zarówno tysiącom e-sklepów, które korzystają z naszych usług, jak i ich Klientom, którzy dzięki szybkim płatnościom rzadziej porzucają koszyki zakupowe. Jesteśmy także twórcami aplikacji Fastpass – pierwszego terminalu BLIK w Twoim telefonie.

Explore Tpay payment methods

Tpay provides you with a plethora of payment features in comparison with other payment processors
on the market. Give you customers a variety of payment methods: [over 300 payment channels →](/dla-biznesu/metody-platnosci)

QR code payments

One of the fastest and most convenient payment methods on the market - scan the QR code and you're done! The payment is done in a few seconds and you can choose 1 out of 8 mobile banks.

Credit card payment

Tpay in cooperation with Elavon enables convenient and secure card payments from anywhere in the world!

Online installments calculator

Installments are available for €65 to €1000 basket amount. Online installment calculator lets you calculate your installments before buying any goods or services.

Step by step online payment flow

Place an order in the online store
Select Pay with Tpay
Pick your favorite payment methods
Tpay offers you over 300 online payment methods including the top notch fintech solutions such as BLIK, Google Pay, and Visa Checkout!
Payment transaction in progress
At this point, you will receive a confirmation e-mail including all necessary payment details. This is where you can check the payment status by clicking the secured link provided in the confirmation e-mail.
Order fulfillment
The final confirmation e-mail includes details on payment success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The bank did not register the payment because the authorization process was not completed e.g. there was no funds on the account, no SMS confirmed the payment or instead of sending a payment, it was sent to the "payments basket" in the bank and still awaits its approval.
After you have performed a payment and before the funds are provided into the payment system, this is not possible. When the payment is correctly booked and the funds are automatically transferred to the payment recipient, you will be able to contact him for a refund. If the payment processing exceeds the time limit set by the payment recipient, the payment will be automatically sent for reimbursement by the system.
If your account has not been charged and you want to cancel the payment, please ignore the payment message, making the payment is only your decision. Generating a payment transaction in our system that is not confirmed by payment does not entail any consequences. If the payment transaction has been booked correctly, please contact the Seller in order to cancel the order and obtain a refund.
If you have not made a payment for the ordered goods, you do not need to cancel it. Generating a payment transaction does not oblige to pay and you can ignore the message about its creation. If, however, the payment for ordered goods has been made, please contact the recipient of the payment in order to cancel the order and obtain a refund. The contact details should be available on the website where the order was made.

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