Start cooperation with eHat.me and increase your revenue
Cooperating with eHat.me provides you with great opportunity to expand your business.

Cooperate with eHat.me

With eHat.me Partnership Program you can reach completely new Customers groups. You can use targeted advertisement to effectively communicate with eHat users and boost your sales.

Advantages of eHat.me Partnership Program

Sales boost

eHat.me will help you to increase your revenue. eHat boosts your cart value and overall sales.

Your Customers will be eager to try new payment method.

New Customers

Group payments offer you great opportunity to reach new customers groups.

Provide group payments with eHat and widen your target.

Effective advertising

eHat is an additional advertising channel which you can use to promote your shop and products.

With targeted advertising your marketing communication is very effective.

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