eHat.me mobile app
Make your settlements and group payments easy and comfortable any place and time.

Aplikacja mobilna eHat.me

Download eHat.me mobile app

eHat mobile app is absolutely free of charge. You can download it any moment from Google Play.

Using eHat.me mobile app allows you to obtain additional EXP points in Organizers Championships and win valuable prizes.

Serwis eHat.me


eHat.me is easy to use and comfortable tool which can be used for gathering funds for any purpose, making settlements among family, friends or coworkers and making joint online purchases.

Now the best group payment tool can always be with you thanks to eHat.me mobile app.

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Serwis eHat.me
Aplikacja mobilna eHat.me
Aplikacja mobilna eHat.me

eHat.me mobile app

New eHat.me me mobile app allows you to organize eHats and make settlements and online purchases in any situation. You can download app for free from Google Play so any person with Android system can organize eHats and make fund gathering easy.

Soon the eHat.me mobile app will be also available for other mobile operation systems: iOS and WindowsPhone.

Download eHat.me mobile app

User advantages

  • Always with you

    You can organize eHats any place and time

  • Comfort

    It’s easy to use in all situations

  • Mobile purchases

    You can make mobile purchases together with your friends

Our Strong Points Ipad
  • Constant access

    Both organizers and participants have constant access to gathering progress

  • Reminders

    You can now remind participant about contributions any time you want.

  • Additional points

    Get additional 100 EXP points in Organizers Championships

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