FerBuy postponed payment in tpay.com
FerBuy postponed payment system allows you to pay up to 14 days after making a purchase or to buy by instalments.

Choose FerBuy

After making an order, choose payment via tpay.com system and then select FerBuy payment method.

Fill in data

You just need to fill in the form, input received via SMS PIN code and accept terms of use.

Credit decision in 30s

Within 30 seconds Customer will receive credit decision with minimum formalities. Shop can then proceed with order execution.

FerBuy graphic materials

We share with you the pack of graphic materials concerning postponed payments in your store provided by FerBuy. Use them according to your needs.

FerBuy advantages

 Ferbuy w tpay.com

More Customers

FerBuy postponed payment may encourage your Customers to buy more valuable products more frequently and you may also obtain completely new Customers.

No risk

You will receive payment even if the Customer which made the purchase will not pay in time.

Less formalities

FerBuy takes care of Customers payments and support sending proper documents.

Customer satisfaction

Your Customers will surely appreciate additional, convenient payment methods and they will more likely repeat them.

 Panel transakcyjny z płatnościami FerBuy

How to activate FerBuy payment?

To provide FerBuy in your shop you don’t need to make any modifications in store API or payment system.

FerBuy in tpay.com are automatically available for all Customers in transaction panel.

tpay.com Demo

Frequently asked questions

Czy Sprzedawca musi rozliczać się z FerBuy?

Does Merchant have to make any settlements with FerBuy?

No, after positive credit decision, Merchant receives all funds. Any further settlements take place between FerBuy and the Customer.

FerBuy homepage

What Customer has to do later?

Customer has to choose within 14 days from purchase to either pay in full or buy by instalments. Merchant doesn’t take part in settlements between FerBuy and the Customer.

Jak Klient rozlicza się z FerBuy?
Czy można wyłączyć kanał FerBuy?

Can I deactivate FerBuy payment channel?

Yes, you can deactivate if by yourself after logging in to Merchant Panel. In “your offer” tab you can adjust payment channels settings.

tpay.com Merchant Panel

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