How to pay via tpay.com?
Learn how swiftly and conveniently you can pay using tpay.com payment system.

Online bank transfer

Choose your bank from list available. After choosing payment channel you will be redirected to your bank’s login panel. There are no additional charges for bank transfers.

Log in to your account and authorize transfer. After correct payment posting you will receive confirmation to the provided e-mail address. Bank transfers are booked instantaneously – in online mode.

Online bank transfers with tpay.com

QR code payment

QR code payment is the fastest and the most convenient payment method available.

In order to pay, you just need to scan the code and confirm transaction. You can use one of 8 bank mobile apps to pay with QR code.

Learn more about QR code payment
Zapłać kodem QR
eHat.me - przyjmuj płatności grupowe

eHat.me group payments

eHat.me is an easy to use and convenient tool allows you to gather funds for any purpose. Gather funds swiftly and effectively. You can use reminder system to motivate people to contribute to your eHat.

Create eHats, invite your friends and pay together with them for online purchases. eHat.me is the best way to make your settlements with friends.

Learn more about eHat.me

Card payment via tpay.com

Elavon with tpay.com provides the highest quality and security for Customers. With tpay.com you can make convenient online payment from any place in the world.

tpay.com Integrated card payment gate offers you the feature to pay directly within store’s website without being redirected to acquirer’s page. You can also remember your card and purchase later witch 1 click only.

How to pay via Integrated gate?
Płatności kartą w tpay.com
Kalkulator rat online

Online instalments and online instalment calculator

tpay.com provides you the opportunity to make easy purchases by instalments. Online instalments are available for carts between 300 and 20 000 PLN with interest rate beginning with 11%.

You can use online instalment calculator to calculate instalment value before making a purchase. Repayment period can be set between 3 and 36 months.

Learn more about tpay.com Online instalments

FerBuy postponed payment

FerBuy postponed payment system allows you to pay up to 14 days after making a purchase or to buy by instalments.

With FerBuy you can make a purchase even if you don’t have funds available at that moment. FerBuy means no risk and full satisfaction from the ordered items.

Learn more about FerBuy in tpay.com
Płatności odroczone - FerBuy

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