Integrated gateway

Simplify the payment process and make its UX and CX like a charm. Tpay online payment system includes a payment gateway with multiple convenient payment channels!


See how easy it is to pay with your card in Tpay

In order to pay quickly with the credit or debit card, users have to make a purchase from any online store and then choose the credit card as a payment option. As part of the store's website, the Tpay gateway will appear and automatically complete some of the payer details. All you need to do is to enter the remaining data and confirm the entire payment procedure. The gateway offers the option of saving the card details and perform subsequent payments with just one click. The payment itself takes several seconds to ensure the highest level of security.

Tpay's recurring payments

Tpay has introduced a feature to save card details to allow users to accept recurring payments and enables customers to pay with one simple click. Recurring payments are an excellent solution for subscription fees and other regular payments scheduled on a certain date. Thanks to the app developed by Tpay, you can easily determine the terms and amount of fees. Recurring payments have the same comission as the standard card payments.


How to enable recurring payments?

Activate the card payment channel to save credit card details and provide customers the feature of recurring payments with one simple click. Contact sales department to receive access to the application, developers documentation and all necessary elements.

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