Masterpass is a fast and convenient payment method available everywhere and on every device. Learn the benefits of using Masterpass with Tpay.


What is MasterPass?

The fintech solution that allows you to perform a simple and quick payments in online stores with help of any mobile device. MasterPass users do not have to enter card details and delivery address each time they purchase goods. Provide necessary details only once when registering to MasterPass.

What are Masterpass advantages?

Convenience of payment

MasterPass payments are convenient to perform on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

No fees

You are not charged with any regular od additional fees when accepting Masterpass payments anywhere in the world.

Fast payment process

Masterpass is a optimized purchase process and reduces the number of actions to perform payment.

How to start using Masterpass?

Thanks to native integration in Tpay, Masterpass is available via payment gateway to all payment recipients accepting credit card payments. Once you start accepting credit card payments, simply contact the Sales Department to enable the Masterpass feature.

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Masterpass advantages

Faster payment process
An optimized purchase process giving an easy access to payment and shipping details without re-enetring it again and again. The super simple payment.
Global reach
One global platform to accept payment all over the world.
MasterPass payments works great on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Open wallet
Access to variety of credit card payments including debit, credit or prepaid cards.
One button - multiple banks
Masterpass provides quick and easy access to payments from anywhere in your online store. Place the MasterPass button anywhere you want it.
No extra fees
There are no additional fees when using MasterPass payment method anywhere in the world.