tpay.com Merchant Panel
This excellent tool will help you to expand your business and provide the best quality for Customers.

Panel Odbiorcy Płatności - tryb testowy

Merchant Panel – test mode

Log in using ID: 1010 and password: “demo”.
Test mode allows you to test most of the system features. As there are no real transactions, it is not possible to test refunds.

Log in to Merchant Panel

Transaction list

Merchant Panel basic feature is to browse and search through payments. In Transactions tab you will will all payment details.

With additional features you can filter payments according to your needs.

Lista transakcji
Odnośniki płatności

Payment hyperlinks

All tpay.com Merchants have access to payment hyperlink builder. Using this feature you can generate and send link which will allow Customer to pay instantly.

You can also send this link directly to Customer or place it on an invoice.

Online refunds

In tpay.com Merchant Panel you can also commission online refunds. With intuitive interface you can make refunds fast and easy ensuring maximal Customer satisfaction.

You can make refunds for both standard payments and credit card payments.

Zwroty online
Dodatkowe metody płatności

More payment methods

If you want to increase number of payment methods available in your store, you can do it by yourself in Merchant Panel.

You have the opportunity to activate: credit card payments with Elavon, PayPal and Premium SMS.

Add more payment methods

Notifications settings

Merchant Panel allows you to adjust setting of received notifications.

All notifications are send by default to provided e-mail address. You can narrow down number of received notifications by changing proper settings.

Alternatively you can receive all notifications via API.

Ustawienia powiadomień
Przekazy masowe

Mass payouts

tpay.com allows you to both accept payouts and commission payouts back to Customers.

With mass payouts feature you can commission up to 500 bank transfers same time. You just need to upload proper CSV file prepared according to template provided in Merchant’s Panel.

Learn more about mass payouts

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