Mobile apps

Tpay enables mobile app payments. Furthermore, mobile payments are automatically available to all payees at Tpay.

What are the benefits of mobile app payments?


Payments within mobile apps use modern, constantly updated security features.

Quick payments

Make mobile app payments in no time - just a few taps and online payment is ready - wherever you are!


Mobile payments are becoming more and more popular. Provide your customers with extremely fast purchase procedure.


Users of the Pekao SA bank app can use fast payments for online purchases. Tpay payment dashboard includes the PeoPay payment channel and enables it during online shopping. After users are redirected to the Pekao Bank S.A. website, all they need to do is to scan the QR code connected to the payment data and confirm the payment with ePIN code.

Payment gateway demo


mPay is a popular mobile payment system that allows users to pay for goods and services purchased at online services via smartphone. Payer's identification is based on his telephone number (without disclosing it to the Recipient of payment).


The PKO BP Bank mobile app enables users to make fast and secure mobile payments. A simple way to pay in retail and online stores with a user-friendly "I pay with IKO" service.


You have your own mobile app?

Tpay has developed mobile libraries to enable simple integration of Tpay fast payment gateway within your app. Buyers can pay within the app without opening the browser and increasing the convenience and security of transactions. Ready mobile libraries save you time and money in creating your own solutions - you do not have to involve any means to develop the payment feature of your application. Try out our mobile payments system and the simple payment gateway.

Tpay mobile app libraries