In tpay.com you can pay with most popular payment mobile apps
Payments with mobile app are automatically available for all tpay.com Merchants.

Kalkulator rat online


Pekao SA bank mobile app users can pay online for internet purchase.es. After making an order, you just need to choose PeoPay payment channel, scan QR code with you PeoPay mobile app and confirm transaction with ePIN code.


With IKO PKO BP bank mobile app you can make fast and secure mobile payments. You can pay in various stores and service centers and make online payments with “Płacę z IKO” feature.

 Panel transakcyjny z płatnościami aplikacją bankową

Do you have your own mobile app?

tpay.com provides mobile libraries which you can integrate online payment module directly within your own mobile app. Your Customers don’t have to open mobile browser so the payment is more convenient and secure and can be made faster.

Ready-to-use mobile libraries save your time and money as you don’t have to engage your own resources in developing them. Provide your Customers the best quality for free.

tpay.com Mobile libraries

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