Premium SMS in tpay.com
Provide payments via SMS for your Customers and expand your business.

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No activation charge

Highest commission rate

All in 1 panel

Premium SMS service activation is free of charge – you can start accepting payments via SMS any time you want without any fees.

Premium SMS in tpay.com offers the highest commission rate available – 50%> Boost your profit and provide additional payment method for your Customers.

With Premium SMS in tpay.com you can integrate all your payment methods within 1 panel. This allows you to save time and make settlements easier.

Activate Premium SMS

You can need to log in to Merchant Panel and switch proper option to start accepting payments via premium SMS in tpay.com.

Premium SMS advantages

 Premium SMS w Twoim serwisie


Your Customer doesn’t need to have bank account or fill in any personal data making it secure and trustworthy.

All tariffs

You can adjust tariff setting according to you and your Customers needs, providing flexibility to service.

Easy to integrate

We provide ready-to-use API and technical documentation allowing intuitive integration with your system.


Payments via Premium SMS provide maximum safety, speed and convenience for your Customers improving their satisfaction.

Premium SMS
standard tariffs

Premium SMS
Premium SMS tariff
(net cost for Customer)
Premium SMS tariff
(gross cost for Customer)
Commission for Merchant
(net without VAT)
70550,50 PLN0,62 PLN0,25 PLN
71551,00 PLN1,23 PLN0,50 PLN
72552,00 PLN2,46 PLN1,00 PLN
73553,00 PLN3,69 PLN1,50 PLN
74554,00 PLN4,92 PLN2,00 PLN
75555,00 PLN6,15 PLN2,50 PLN
76556,00 PLN7,38 PLN3,00 PLN
79559,00 PLN11,07 PLN4,50 PLN
9105510,00 PLN12,30 PLN5,00 PLN
9115511,00 PLN13,53 PLN5,50 PLN
9145514,00 PLN17,22 PLN7,00 PLN
9195519,00 PLN23,37 PLN9,50 PLN
9205520,00 PLN24,60 PLN10,00 PLN
9255525,00 PLN30,75 PLN12,50 PLN

Premium SMS
18+ tariffs

Premium SMS
Premium SMS tariff
(net cost for Customer)
Premium SMS tariff
(gross cost for Customer)
Commission for Merchant
(net without VAT)
709080,50 PLN0,62 PLN0,25 PLN
719081,00 PLN1,23 PLN0,50 PLN
729882,00 PLN2,46 PLN1,00 PLN
739083,00 PLN3,69 PLN1,50 PLN
759085,00 PLN6,15 PLN2,50 PLN
769086,00 PLN7,38 PLN3,00 PLN
799089,00 PLN11,07 PLN4,50 PLN
9199819,00 PLN23,37 PLN9,50 PLN
9259825,00 PLN30,75 PLN12,50 PLN

Premium SMS activation tutorial

Aktywuj Premium SMS

Premium SMS account activation

Log in to Merchant Panel, choose Premium SMS tab in the menu and next click activate account.

Go to “Rejestracja w serwisie płatności SMS” field and click on „Załóż konto” button and then confirm creating SMS account.

tpay.com Merchant Panel
 Wygeneruj umowę na aktywację Premium SMS

Generate agreement

Go to agreement tab in the menu and fill in all required data.

System will automatically generate pdf file with agreement which you need to download, print and sign.

 Prześlij skan podpisanej umowy

Send the agreement

Choose agreement tab in the menu again and upload signed agreement scan.

After sending, the agreement will be verified.

Skonfiguruj serwis Premium SMS

Service configuration

Go to “serwisy” tab and then click “dodaj nowy serwis” button.

Fill in required data and click button to add new SMS service.

All your SMS services are visible on the list. You can edit services by clicking them.

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