Multi-access in tpay.com
tpay.com provides you the possibility to grant tiered access to your Merchant Panel.

Multi-access for franchise

Multi-access in tpay.com is the best solution for franchise – integrating one master account and even up to few hundred subaccounts allowing access for point of sales managers.

Using this solution each franchiser has access only to transactions and operation history assigned to his subaccount individual ID.

Wielodostęp dla franczyzy
Wielodostęp w sieci DaGrasso

Multi-access in Da Grasso

You can find tpay.com multi-access system in chain restaurant Da Grasso. There are almost 200 restaurants all over the country.

With multi-access Da Grasso can easily expand opening new restaurants within 1 payments system.

How to activate multi-access

Multi-access feature is automatically available for all tpay.com Merchants. You just need to log in to Merchant Panel and in “users” tab configure user settings.

If you want to create hundreds of accounts, you can contact us to help you with the process.

tpay.com Merchant Panel
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