How to check my payment status?

You will receive a confirmation

For each transaction you start in tpay.com system you will receive an e-mail confirmation for the address you provided.

In the message you can find all transaction details and link allowing to check transaction status by yourself.

Potwierdzenie rozpoczęcia transakcji
Sprawdź status transakcji

Any problem with payment?

If you had any technical difficulties with your internet connection, device or finalizing payment you don’t have to make the order again.

Besides being able to check status of your transaction you can also pay again. In order to do so you just need to click the green button and pay, your order execution will proceed.

Your order

If you want to know the exact status of your order, shipping or refunds, please contact Merchant directly. You can find contact data on the shop’s website.

tpay.com is financial intermediary and takes part only in transferring funds. The Merchants are the ones accountable for order execution.

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