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eHat.me free of charge

October 22, 2015

Tpay.com is the only payment system offering group payments for your customers with eHat.me service. Now eHat has become completely free of charge for its users so they can easily and swiftly buy products together.

eHat.me allows you to gather funds online for any purpose. The service can be used for group payments, organizing own projects and settlements for money put up in advance by friends or coworkers. eHat as payment methods is automatically available for all Tpay.com Merchants, no modification or additional integrations are required.

Group payments are one of the most interesting trends in ecommerce which quickly gain popularity both in Poland and abroad. Their main advantage is the possibility of buying together way more valuable products than with single person. You can reach completely new groups of customers and increase sales.

We encourage our Merchants to start cooperation with eHat.me. The service provides you with access to thousands of users which can be reached with interesting promotional campaigns. If you want to join eHat Partnership Program, please contact us using form:


Soon we will introduce new features and payment methods.

Best regards,

Tpay.com Team



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