Fastpass by Tpay.com – new mobile app

June 26, 2017

Fastpass is the first mobile application which allows receiving cashless payments without the necessity of using a payment terminal – a smartphone is the only requirement. Fastpass is based on the BLIK mobile payment method –  the client has to enter a six-digit code which is generated by their bank’s app.

Fastpass allows to receive payments at anytime and anyplace without any agreement.

Payment by Fastpass is most notably convenient. A legible and lucid user interface with a well developed mechanism prove best that customer’s needs are understood.

Fastpass is an innovative, safe and quick solution for those sectors in which mobility is the key to success.

Fastpass by Tpay.com has a chance to revolutionize the market of mobile payments. Taxi companies, gyms, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels are users of Fastpass already.

Visit our site and find out more about Fastpass → https://fastpass.tpay.com/.



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