Tpay.com now allows you to pay through Google pay!

May 18, 2018

Tpay.com now allows you to pay through Google pay!

Customers of stores serviced by Tpay.com will be able to use the wide range of opportunities offered by Google Pay even this month! Tpay.com will be the first e-payment provider in Poland which will make new payments available from Google in May!

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a quick and easy payment method from Google. It combines everything you need while paying securely and stores your card details to your Google account. With Google Pay, you can pay securely in many applications, stationary shops and online. One click and you can pay for food, shopping or order a taxi.
When using Google Pay in an e-store, your data is not shared with a third-party website. This system ensures the security of your data. It’s just like Tpay.com! That’s why, considering the safety of our clients, we decided to integrate our system with Google Pay without any worries.

What does integration mean?

This is, first and foremost, a step forward and a nod towards users who want to use payments via Google Pay. Mobile payments are becoming more and more popular,
and we as an innovation leader always provide our clients with the payment methods they need. Integration will give you another available form of payment and as we know, the more opportunities the better!
Research shows that one of the most common reasons for abandoning a shopping cart by e-customers is the inability to pay with their favourite payment method on the website. Integration of Tpay.com and Google Pay will make the moment of payment much simpler for customers using the application, which may lead them to shop with you. Of course, provided you use a payment provider that is integrated with Google Pay, which is exactly what Tpay.com is.

Safety first!

With Google Pay, you can be sure that your card details are securely stored on your Google account, so that your account and personal data are automatically protected from all threats at all times.

When you pay in the store using Google Pay to complete the transaction, all you need is a device that you have on hand, and your card details are not shared with the store. When you buy within an application or online, you pay by using a card stored in your Google account, while in order to process the transaction you just need to click the button with the Google Pay logo!



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