Provide Online instalments in your store
tpay.com Online instalments allow you to offer payment by instalments without additional agreements or charges.

300 – 4 730 PLN

Online instalments are available for purchases between 300 and 4 730 PLN. With this your Customers can buy any and all of your products.

Interest rate - only 16%

The interest rate of Online instalments rates only 16%. Customers can choose instalments with insurance or without it.

3 – 36 months

Customers can set repayment period freely between 3 and 36 months. Thanks to flexibility, they can adjust settings according to their needs.

Online instalments

Reach new Customers and increase your revenue. Online instalments can boost sales, cart value and customers satisfaction.

Online instalments advantages

 Raty Online w tpay.com

Increased sales

With online instalments you can effectively increase your sales – customers can purchase more valuable products frequently.

Increased cart value

Paying in instalments is one of the best ways to buy expensive products. Boost your revenue by offering installments for your most valuable products.

New Customers

Make you offer more available for Customers with installment purchase. New customer groups will help you to expand your business.

Additional payment method

More payment methods in your shop provides better satisfaction for Customers as they can choose their preferred payment channel.

 Panel transakcyjny z płatnościami w ratach

How to activate Online instalments?

To provide Online instalments in your shop you don’t need to make any modifications in store API or payment system. tpay.com Online instalments are automatically available for all users in transaction panel.

With Instalment calculator Customers can calculate instalment value based on product value and repayment period before making a purchase. You can also share the calculator on your website using the provided code.

tpay.com Demo

Online instalments calculator

tpay.com provides Online instalment calculator which allows to calculate instalment value before making a purchase.

All Merchants can copy the code given below and share the calculator on their website.

<iframe src=”https://secure.tpay.com/alior-raty/?range&logo” mce_src=”https://tpay.com/alior-raty/?range&logo” width=”680″ height=”531″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Frequently asked questions

Raty Online - Czy Sprzedawca otrzymuje całą kwotę zakupu od razu?

Does the Merchant receive all funds at once?

Yes, Merchant receives funds for purchased product from Alior Bank as if it was bought normally. There are no further settlements between bank and Merchant

How long does it take to make credit decision?

Credit decision is being made within 15 minutes from purchase. If it was positive, Merchant receives funds, if not – transaction isn’t finalized.

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Can I distinct instalments as payment method visible next to standard tpay.com system?

Yes, you can make such modifications. In order to do so, you just need to follow technical documentation provided by tpay.com.

tpay.com technical documentation

Can I share instalment calculator on my website?

Yes, please do share – you just need to copy provided HTML code on your website. Your Customers will be able to calculate instalment value before making a purchase.

Online instalment calculator
Raty Online - Czy mogę udostępnić kalkulator rat dla swoich Klientów?

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