How to book payments?

All incoming and outgoing online payments performed with Tpay payment system should be recorded and processed as standard bank transfers.


Tpay reports

Tpay allows you to download a complete report that contains all necessary details about payment transactions, returns, fees and charges at any time! To download the report simply log in to the Payment Receiver Dashboard, select the settlement tab and download the report for a selected period of time.

Payment reports

Tpay makes it extremely convenient to generate reports containing only payout data. In order to obtain a report on payouts, contact the Customer Service Office and provide the necessary data.


How are the invoices issued?

The first invoice in the amount of 10 PLN gross is issued directly after activating the Tpay account. Further invoices are issued monthly - this is a standard way. You can download them after logging in to the Payments Recipient's Dashboard. Tpay is used by national authorities where invoicing in writing is an essential feature.

When should an invoice be issued for the accepted payment?

The invoice is issued automatically after receiving the appropriate notification about correct payment from Tpay. It is possible to issue invoices to customers after receiving a collective payment of accumulated funds from Tpay account to a bank account, although automation of this process will require additional measures.