Partnership Program

Earn money with Tpay!


What is the Partnership Program?

The partnership program is a form of cooperation with companies implementing e-commerce solutions.

How does it work? It's simple - as a part of the program, you recommend Tpay services and then obtain a certain percentage from every invoice of the client you have recommended!

The benefits of the Partnership program

Sign up to the partnership program and offer your clients payment transactions on promotional terms and start making money on every transaction.

Join the program

Just accept the terms and conditions on our website and you`re ready to go - no extensive agreements and formalities.

Recommend Tpay to your customers

Show the benefits of Tpay payment system to your customers

Earn with Tpay

Receive a share from each invoice of the customer you have recommended Tpay to

Damian Maślej, CEO, Webini: "Tpay is a real partner for software houses in implementing payment solutions for their clients. Their top features are: ease of integration, system security and effective cooperation... both at the technological and business level."

Who can benefit from the Partnership Program?

Digital agencies
Online stores
IT companies
CRM/ERP systems
Booking Engines