Payment automation

Improve the process of making purchases in your online store and provide customers with an immediate order realization.


Automate payments receipt from customers

Customers who have received the payment will get a notification. You do not need to check your account balance and book any payments. Payment automation saves your time and money and guess what… it does the same to the buyers.

Mass transfers payment automation

Mass payments allow you to make a large number of payments at a time. All you need to do is upload the appropriate file in the Payments Recipient Dashboard to order up to 500 transfers at the same time.

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Refunds in Payment Recipient Dashboard

If you want to make a refund to the buyer's account, simply use the intuitive tool for returns available in the Payment Recipient Dashboard. You do not have to get involved in complicated procedures. Tpay also offers an automatic refunds feature. It is particularly applicable to the sale of certain services or products, such as concert tickets. Thanks to this, it is possible to automatically return the collected amount collected if the customer failed to obtain the desired goods.

Immediate order fulfillment

Complete payment automation delivered by Tpay makes your online store speed up all the fulfillment processes. It is extremely important to deliver goods in the shortest time because it often determines the choice of purchase in a given store.