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Payment methods provided by Tpay.com:

Najwięcej obsługiwanych banków w panelu transakcyjnym Transferuj.pl

The largest number of banks available

Tpay.com guarantees the largest number of online payment channels. Customer can always pay conveniently using his preferred bank account. This results in lesser number of abandoned carts and better buying experience for Customer.

List of payment channels

Accepting QR code payments

Become reader for mobile revolution – QR code payment is the fastest and the most convenient payment method available. In order to pay, you just need to scan the code and confirm transaction. You can use one of 8 bank mobile apps to pay with QR code.

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Zapłać kodem QR
eHat.me - przyjmuj płatności grupowe

Accepting group payments – eHat.me

eHat.me is unique and innovative payment method available only in Tpay.com. eHat is a tool that allows it’s users to gather funds for any purpose swiftly, conveniently and effectively. Offering payment with eHat in your shop will help you to boost your sales. Group payments have potential to increase cart value and revenue.

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Online instalments and instalment calculator

With Tpay.com you can grant your Customers easy access to online instalments. Postponed payments will help you to reach with your offer to completely new customers – especially if you are selling high-value products. Online instalments will boost your sales, increase cart value and revenue. With instalment calculator, Customers can calculate amount of installment and repayment period on their own.

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Kalkulator rat online
Płatności odroczone - FerBuy

FerBuy postponed payments

FerBuy online postponed payments system allows Customers to make payment up to 14 days after purchase or using instalments. FerBuy helps you to obtain more customers and decreases your business risk as you no longer have to worry about processing payments.

Learn more about FerBuy in Tpay.com

Mobile App payment

With Tpay.com, your Customers can pay using 3 most popular mobile apps: IKO, mPay and PeoPay. Mobile app payment will complement your offer and help you with reaching mobile customers

Mobile apps in Tpay.com
Płatność za pomocą aplikacji mobilnych

In Merchant’s Panel you can also activate:

 Przyjmowanie płatności kartą

Accepting credit card payment

Credit card payment is rapidly becoming more and more popular. With Tpay.com you can accept credit card payments using Integrated Gate. The Gate allows Customers to pay directly on your website, without being redirected to acquirer’s site ensuring convenience and safety. Integrated Gate also allows you to accept cyclic payments and 1-click purchase.

Elavon with Tpay.com – the best choice

Credit card terminal

Credit card terminal in your shop provides convenience for your Customers and can help you to increase sales. With Tpay.com you can easily obtain terminal and offer more than online credit card payment.

In order to obtain terminal you just need to fill in the form, Elavon representative will contact you with terminal offer. Credit card terminal in Tpay.com also provides you with complementary services such as DCC and cashback.

 Terminale POS
RockPay - mobilna galeria handlowa

RockPay – mobile shopping center

RockPay is the easiest way to create your own mobile app. With RockPay you can reach with your offer to mobile customers and sell using all channels. RockPay is available only in Tpay.com, it’s the best solution if you want to sell mobile without having to create your own app. There is no additional charge for using RockPay.

Open your store in RockPay

PayPal – all in 1 panel

Tpay.com also allows you to accept payments using PayPal. You can use either existing PayPal account or create new one in Merchant’s Panel. With Tpay.com you have access too all your transactions and settlements in 1 panel.

Activate PayPal in Tpay.com
SMS Premium

Premium SMS in Tpay.com

Premium SMS is one of the best opportunities to expand your business. With Premium SMS you can provide your Customers with convenient and anonymous payment method. You don’t have to pay activation fee and wide spectrum of tariffs will allow you to adapt your offer according to Customers’ needs.

Learn more about Premium SMS

Mass payouts

Tpay.com provides you with unique feature of mass payouts. Using mass payouts you can commit even 500 money transfers directly to Customers. You just need to upload CSV file in Merchant’s Panel – you no longer have to commit payouts manually saving your time and money.

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Przelewy masowe

Expand your business with Tpay.com


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