PayPal payments

Accept payments via PayPal with Tpay. You can use an existing account or create new one. Turn on PayPal in Tpay and accept payments from around the world.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an easy and secure online payment wallet. This is the world's most popular payment method and it is extremely easy to use. PayPal at Tpay will make your shopping faster, more comfortable and more pleasurable!

Tpay payment system introduced PayPal to its clients and brings a spectacular sales growth with the finest payment gateway. Make PayPal payment method a part of the website to accept payments performed with PayPal.

This payment method does not involve any additional fees - only the standard commission for PayPal is charged.


How does PayPal work?

PayPal lets your customers send, receive and spend money and conveniently manage it within one account. Finalizing purchases in your online store will become much simpler, intuitive and, as a result, effective.

PayPal is also about payment security! The system provides an encrypted internet account, thanks to which the client can send money to various sources (such as credit card or bank account) to a wide audience (online stores or individuals) without sharing any of their financial data.

Who is PayPal for?

It's a system for everyone! This is a great solution for both clients and large companies.

For B2C sector - it is super convenient for everyday use without any problems, while saving valuable time!

For B2B secotr - PayPal is used in millions of stores around the world. By making this payment method available, you are fitting in to global trends and giving your clients what they need.