Tpay.com Payment security
Tpay.com ensures the highest standards of quality and safety confirmed by prestigious certificates.

Encrypted connection

All data processed by tpay.com in encrypted with TLS protocol secured by Extended Validation certificate ensuring the highest standards of trust and safety.

Certificate has been issued by renowned Unizeto Technologies S.A. company.

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Szyfrowane połączenia
Certyfikacja PCI DSS Level 1

PCI DSS Level 1 Certificate

Krajowy Integrator Płatności SA acquired PCI DSS certificate on the highest possible level: Level 1 for Service Providers.

This certificate confirms fulfillment of rigorous norms, required by payment institutions such as VISA and MasterCard in case of credit cards payments on the Internet.

National Financial Acquirer Status

Krajowy Integrator Płatności SA obtained status of National Financial Acquirer and is supervised by Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

KNF decision confirms our professionalism and the best standards of quality and safety of transactions processed by tpay.com.

KIP SA as National Financial Acquirer
Status Krajowej Instytucji Płatniczej

Annual research of expert auditor

Krajowy Integrator Płatności SA is as joint-stock company is verified each year by an independent expert auditor, who controls all financial documents of the company.

The expert auditor confirms that account books are kept in order and according to the rules.

All reports has been examined and submitted in Companies House.

Personal data security

tpay.com pays great attention to the privacy of its customers. Our Privacy policy is compatible with GIODO (Inspector General for Personal Data Protection) standards. tpay.com websites Privacy policy is available to all interested parties.

Krajowy Integrator Płatności SA., as a administrator, ensures security of shared data. These data are protected and secured especially against an unauthorized access.

Automatyczne wypłaty

Accumulated funds safety

Security of deposits and accumulated fund is a key issue for our system. All deposits made to tpay.com accounts are ascribed to particular Merchant.

After accumulation of specific amount of funds, deposits are transferred to the Merchant’s bank account. The bank account, where all funds are transferred to, is fixed, and for safety reasons, it can not be modified in the settings.

Electronic Payment Confirmation – EPC

After receiving payments and posting them, tpay.com generates a confirmation, so called Electronic Payment Confirmation (EPC), which is sent by an e-mail to the Merchant and buyer.

Due to that, Merchant is informed that the payment had been done and can fulfill an order, even though money are not yet present on his bank account.

Elektroniczne potwierdzenie opłaty
Weryfikacja numeru rachunku

Account number verification

If, as a Merchant, you have changed your bank account number you should activate your account again.

Our Security verifies each time, whether the demand of changing the bank account has been issued by an entitled person and, additionally, contacts the original founder of the account in order to confirm such operation.

The best quality warranty

Krajowy Integrator Płatności SA was awarded in the biggest quality contest in Poland. The Highest Quality International in QI SERVICES category – services of the highest quality for tpay.com, payment processor.

This confirms the highest standards of quality and security ensured by tpay.com.

Najwyższa Jakość Quality International

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