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Płatności międzynarodowe i SEPA

International Wire Transfers and SEPA

With tpay.com Customer can make payment from any country and in all currencies. Geographical position is not important, you can accept payments from all bank accounts and Customers.

For purchases in euro you can use convenient SEPA payments. Other payments can be made using international wire transfer. Both methods are available for all Customers in standard transaction panel.

Accepting credit cards

Credit card payment is the most popular international payment method. With tpay.com you can accept credit cards from all over the world and sell your products to foreign Customers.

Integrated Card payment gate allows your Customers to pay directly within your website without being redirected to acquirer’s page or payment tool. Gate also offers feature of remembering credit cards and 1-click purchases.

Elavon with tpay.com – the best choice
Przyjmuj płatności kartą

PayPal in tpay.com

As tpay.com Merchant you can also accept payments using PayPal. PayPal offers you over 150 million potential Customers in every country using all currencies.

PayPal in tpay.com provides all settlements and transactions in one panel saving your time and money. You can either use existing account or create new one.

Activate PayPal in tpay.com

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