How to start accepting payments via tpay.com?
Register your account and provide the best online payment system for your Customers.

Załóż konto w tpay.com

Register account in tpay.com

You just need to fill in basic company data and activate the account to start accepting payments.

After registration you will receive Merchant’s ID and password. You can now log in to Merchant Panel.

Register in tpay.com
Zaloguj się do Panelu Odbiorcy Płatności

You can now accept payments

Now log in to Merchant Panel. From that moment you may accept payments by the means of properly prepared payment’s hyperlinks.

If you want to fully automate payments in your store, proceed to next step.

Log in to Merchant Panel

System integration

Integration consists of automatic generation of payment links, redirection to tpay.com and reception of notifications in order to realize orders in your shop.

tpay.com provides dozens of ready-to-use modules and plugins for commercial and open source solutions. Use them to swiftly integrate tpay.com payment system without engaging additional resources.

If your shop or system has been created individually, you can integrate tpay.com system using provided technical documentation.

List of provided shop modules
Integracja systemu w Twoim sklepie
Podaj dane konta do wypłat

Account details for disbursements

Details of the bank account for disbursements are taken during the activation. It is a single fee of 10 PLN (gross), which has to be paid from the account to which you would like your disbursements to be realized.

Address details of the bank account owner have to be equal with those given during the registration process. It is the element of verification and security of the accumulated funds. If your account has not been activated, after logging to the Merchant panel you will see a prompt to do so. After receiving the verification payment, the account is manually verified, so it make take up to 2 days.

Log in to Merchant Panel

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Payments, payouts, surcharges, refunds – with tpay.com all kinds of transactions are automated and you have time for development.

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tpay.com provides the largest number of payment methods and banks available. You can reach with your offer to all possible Customers.

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You can accept credit card payments, international money transfers and PayPal transactions. With tpay.com, whole world is at your fingertips.

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