VARS – Virtual Account Recharge System
Provide the best solution available for your regular Customers.

Swiftness and convenience

While using VARS system, Customer doesn’t have to make and order again to recharge his account.

In order to recharge Customer just needs to log in to bank account and make predefined bank transfer.

Stały tytuł przelewu

Contest payment title

VARS system allows defining constant, individual payment title for each Customer.

tpay.com sends notifications which instantly inform you that the payment has been made.

VARS provides access to dedicated transaction panel which greatly improves payment process.

VARS payment channels

Regular account recharges

If your business model bases on selling regular account recharges, you probably know that the problem that occurs most often are next transactions which title hasn’t been changed.

This results in large number of incorrect transactions which may cause problems for standard payment system. VARS solves this problem providing excellent, reliable tool which will allow to expand your business.

Regularne doładowania konta

VARS advantages for Customers

Predefined bank transfer

Customer can predefine bank transfer on his account and recharge his VARS account with same payment title.

Don’t order again

With VARS Customer doesn’t have to make an order again to recharge his account. Just make predefined payment to recharge your account.

Swiftness and convenience

VARS is the fastest and easiest easy to recharge your virtual account. You can recharge your account in any place and time according to your needs.

Payment filtering

You can activate payment filter, so that the only payments that are accepted come from verified account numbers.

Jak włączyć DAC

How to activate DAC?

If you want to activate DAC on your account, please contact tpay.com Sales Department. You will receive all necessary information and access to API.

Contact tpay.com

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