Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout allows you to speed up the payment process by saving your payment, debit, credit or prepaid cards details . With Visa Checkout, you only save them once and use as much as you want.


What is VISA Checkout?

Visa Checkout is a proven, fast, convenient and the most secure form of payment in the world which has been available in Poland for a year now. This is a new standard of online payments providing fast and secure payment process. How to use it? It's simple. All you need to do is assign a credit card to an individual account registered in Visa Checkout. After this, just one click within payment gateway and a confirmation will be issued to finalize the transaction. Such a simple payment procedure will certainly reduce shopping cart abandonment rate in your online store.

Visa Checkout is one of the fastest, most secure payment method that does not require any integration. With Tpay any online shop can have this method available.

Why is Visa Checkout so important?

Speed and security

Protect your payment with Visa and Tpay payment warranty.

No integration needed

Solution developed by Tpay does not require any integration or developers worklowad

Simple procedure

In order to pay for goods, simply select the button in the payment gateway and confirm the payment.

Why is it worth it?

Visa Checkout is a time-saver. All credit cards (debit, credit or prepaid) as well as the delivery address are registered once in Visa Checkout. Thanks to this, you do not have to re-enter them for subsequent purchases, so shopping is easier and, above all, much faster.

Advanced security - Tpay is about trusted payments and Visa Checkout is one of the safest methods availble on the market. The system applies several levels of security to protect your payment details. It also provides chargeback service, which will solve your possible problems with delivery or non-compliance of the product with the order. Getting back your money is as easy as buying the goods.

The last but not least, one login is enough to shop with different devices. It does not matter if you buy on a tablet, laptop or smartphone - just a simple login and password perform payment.