tpay.com provides instant money transfers.
With tpay.com you can enjoy the most convenient payment and fast order execution.

How to pay with tpay.com online payment system?

Najwięcej obsługiwanych banków w panelu transakcyjnym tpay.com

Make an order in your chosen shop

tpay.com provides services to over 20 000 Merchants. Among our business partners you can find such brands as iSpot, Próchnik and Skiteam.

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Choose payment with tpay.com

From the provided payment options, choose online payment with tpay.com.

Online payment guarantees instant money transfer to Merchant. With this, your order can be executed the same day.

Wybierz płatność z tpay.com
Wybierz najdogodniejszą metodę płatności

Choose your preferred payment method

tpay.com provides the widest spectrum of payment methods available: over 100 banks, credit card payment, PayPal, eHat.me group payments and QR code payment.

tpay.com offers definitely more payment options than other payment systems. Choose your preferred payment method and pay with it to finalize transaction.

tpay.com payment methods

Your transaction

You will receive transaction confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. You can then check your transaction status by clicking the link in the message.

This message also contains button which will allow you to pay again if you encounter any technical problems.

Rozpoczęcie transakcji
Realizacja zamówienia

Order execution

After making the payment, you will receive an e-mail with payment confirmation.

The shop you have chosen receives payment confirmation notification and can proceed with order execution.

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