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BLIK - Polish mobile payment system

BLIK is a payment system created by the Polish Payment Standard that allows millions of phone users to: pay in stores, withdraw cash at ATMs and make online payments. The system uses a convenient and secure payment method using one-time, 6-digit codes authentication providing the best standards for making payments.

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BLIK payments in your online store

Extra payment method

Mobile payment by BLIK is another convenient and fast payment method that you can provide your customers with your. More available payment methods translate into higher conversion and purchase satisfaction.

Buyers satisfaction

BLIK provides customers with fast and convenient payment anywhere, anytime. Customers appreciate top notch solutions including innovative and secured approach to mobile payments.

The answer to mobile revolution

All market and scientific research confirms the extremely dynamic growth of the m-commerce and mobile payments sector. Prepare your online store for a mobile revolution and reach all customers with your offer.

BLIK payment

Select BLIK payment in payment gateway.
Log in to your bank's mobile app.
Type in the BLIK code displayed in the payment gateway.
Accept the payment on your phone

How to enable BLIK payments?

BLIK payment standard is enabled automatically to all Tpay Payees. No need of additional integration or modification - all you need to do is to enable it as a payment option in the payment gateway. There are no additional fees included - BLIK payment is included in the price of e-transfer.

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